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One of the most striking advantages of using ICF is its energy enhancing qualities. While you cannot see your ICF walls, you can certainly tell they are there each month you review your energy bills. 

Firstly, Energy-efficiency starts from the ground up. We use high performance footings, waterproofing, and seal all our our certified ICF foundations. This leads to 60% lower air infiltration than a traditionally built wall, making the home more draft free and comfortable (CMHC). Coupled in with high mass concrete, ICF foundations create a strong thermal lag. (ICFMA). This means you can expect heating and cooling bills to be about half what they would be in a traditional home.

Do you know how long it takes for the heat to turn on in a ICF home in -31 degrees F? 

2 entire days! In a study, an ICF wall was placed in the middle of a test chamber. The temperature on one side of the chamber was reduced to -31 degrees while the other side of the wall was maintained at 70 degrees F by a heat source. Astoundingly, the thermostat did not detect a temperature drop for 2 entire days and never turned the heat on.