High Performance Custom ICF Home

About this Project

The Goals and Concerns:

The goal for this project was to incorporate high performance building components and to ensure long term benefits of low maintenance and sustainability.  The client’s goal was to build an open concept home while positioning it properly on the lot to capture the ocean views on all floor levels of this full time residence. From the footing to the walk out roof, every floor and wall is made with insulated concrete form material to ensure year round comfort in New England.    

Since this is a beach front property, this home had to be built to withstand strong winds, salt air, and moisture.  It was essential for this project to be resilient to natural disasters, and to be soundproof while focusing on efficiency and sustainability.

 The Solution:

Utilize all of the ICF systems available to provide the homeowners with all of the goals and benefits they had on their list.  Amvic Plus Block 3.30 was used for this project.  The 8” ICF was used in the garage and foundation portion, while transitioning to a 6” ICF for the remainder of the walls. After reviewing all the ICF products with the clients, they made a decision to build with insulated concrete forms from the Form-A-Drain footing system up to the Lite Form Deck rooftop, including all AmDeck floors. The end result was a design with significant open interior space completed with large floor spans eliminating the need for supporting beams and posts. In this project we have accomplished durability, comfort, energy efficiency and soundproofing. 

 Some of the details include radiant heat as the primary source of heat in the home, accompanied by a multi-zone mini split system for both AC and heat.  The client is also benefiting from a tankless water heater, better air quality with an ERV system, and enjoying LED lighting throughout the home.  .

 ICF Construction Benefits:

– Soundproof

– 4 hour fire rating

– Natural disaster resilience 

– Lower operational/maintenance cost

-Energy Efficient 

 Client Testimonial: 


Project name: Three Story Custom ICF Home

Location: Plymouth, Massachusetts

Size4,500 SF

Total ICF Used: 5,500 SF

Footing Used: CertainTeed Form-A-Drain

Foundation Product: Amvic Insulated Concrete Forms

R-Value: R-30 with no thermal bridging

HVAC: Radiant Heat & Mini Split Systems with ERV

Start Date: 03/20/2018

End Date: 08/10/2020

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