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High Performance

Custom ICF Foundation

High Performance Custom ICF Foundation - Ipswich, MA

The Goals and Concerns:
The goal for this project was to incorporate high performance building components from the footing to the top if the foundation to prepare for a new construction home. The client’s goal was to incorporate Form-A-Drain to help resolve the high water tables between seasons while
also ensuring that there was a radon system in the home. Comfort and sustainability is a
common theme in this build and having a friend of the client build with ICF in the past,
persuaded them to build their new home’s foundation the same way.
The Solution:
Having a waterproof and insulated finished basement was a must for the client, so there is no
better way to achieve that besides using ICF. For this project Logix ICF was used for the garage
frost wall and the full foundation. Using a tapered ICF block with vertical anchor bolts on the
last course helps prepare the framers for a sill plate and allows more concrete to be present on
top of the foundation for anchoring and support. The footing product Form-A-Drain in the
basement area tackles both radon and also excess ground water and having a dampproofing
applied on top prevents helps with the capillary break between the footing and the ICF
foundation. The FastFoot footing product around the garage area prevents the concrete from
ever being exposed to moisture below the surface. Logix ICF helps provide R-25+ value to the
basement area, once it is heated or cooled, there will not be any thermal bridging due to the
concrete mass. The outside ICF foundation wall will be waterproofed using peel and stick from
the top of the footing to the top of the foundation. The end result is a design with significant durability, comfort, energy efficiency, waterproofing and soundproofing.

ICF Construction Benefits:
– Soundproof
– 4 hour fire rating
– Natural disaster resilience

– Lower operational/maintenance cost

– Energy Efficient
– Below grade waterproofing

Project Description:
Project Type: ICF Garage Frost Wall and ICF Foundation
Location: Ipswich, Massachusetts
Size: 2,200 SF
Total of ICF Used: 1,800 SF
Footing Product: Form-A-Drain (Basement) & FastFoot (Garage)
Concrete Floor: Logix Brands Heat Sheet EPS Insulation
Foundation Product: Logix Insulated Concrete Forms
R-Value: R-25 with no thermal bridging
Start Date: 08/03/2020
End Date: In Progress








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