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Building an Energy Efficient home with ICF

Building an energy-efficient home in New England with ICFs

Are you looking to build a durable, energy-efficient home in New England?

There are many options to choose from when building an energy efficient home. We’ve built many types of construction projects over the years and believe that the best choice is Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). These engineered polystyrene forms combine the strength and durability of concrete with the added benefits of insulation in an all-in-one package. We’ve used them successfully from our award winning home in Plymouth to a beachfront property on Plum Island. We’ve also used ICFs to endure the harsh New Hampshire winters when we set our project on a foundation of 10 foot walls made from Insulated Concrete Forms.

ICFs have been used successfully for decades throughout New England. They are especially effective in Cape Cod and other areas where they provide strong resistance to nor’easter winds and harsh weather conditions. These durable walls provide an enormous amount of comfort that is noticeable during the first week of owning an ICF built home. This is all thanks to the integrated high R-value which also helps to keep your monthly bills at a minimum year-round.

In addition to the high R-value, increased comfort and long lasting durability, ICF homes also have high thermal mass which can help store heat during the cold winter months – saving money on heating costs in cold northeast climates like those found in MA & NH!. If you are looking at your options for building an energy efficient home that will last for generations look no further than ICF technology. Give us a call if you want to find out about how to get started with ICF for your home construction project.