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Plum Island ICF Beachfront Home

Beachfront ICF Home

Plum Island – Newbury, Massachusetts

 This Modern 2 story home was built on the beautiful beachfront on Plum Island. The home is set on Steel Pylons to ensure longevity and durability against unexpected storms and rising sea levels. The client wanted a flat rooftop to use as a perfect location for relaxing and grilling.

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Project Goals

Our primary objective was to integrate high-performance building components for long-term benefits, focusing on low maintenance and sustainability. The homeowner’s desire for an open-concept design to showcase captivating ocean views guided our vision. Utilizing insulated concrete forms (ICF) throughout the home’s frame, reinforced with concrete cores, ensures year-round comfort in New England’s varied climate.

Given the oceanfront location, our construction prioritized resilience against strong winds, salty air, and moisture typical of the New England Shoreline. The reinforced concrete core of ICF forms offers robust protection from natural disasters while enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability.

Project Solution

Our key aim to address the potential challenges of tidal flooding started with incorporating innovative steel pylons to the base of the home’s structure. This helps to ensure resilience against rising tides, safeguarding the property and its inhabitants.

We used Logix ICF, for the entire frame of the home, making use of 6″ forms for the walls. This allowed us to create expansive interior spaces, characterized by large floor spans and lofty ceilings.

The structural strength of the ICF forms allowed use to install numerous large windows, to help catch the panoramic ocean views throughout the residence. The absence of support beams and posts further enhances the sense of spaciousness within, underscoring the project’s dedication to holistic sustainability and modern living standards. 

Project Description:

Project Type: Two Story Custom Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Home

Location: Plum Island – Newbury, Massachusetts

Size: —————

Total of ICF Used: —————-

Footing Product: Poured Slab on Steel Pylons

Building Wall Product: Logix Insulated Concrete Forms 

R-Value: R-25+ with no thermal bridging

HVAC: Radiant Floor Heat, Mini Split Systems with Heat Pumps, & HRV

Start Date: July 2022

End Date: August 2022

From Design to Final Project

From Design to Final Project

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