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How long will an ICF home last?

How long will an ICF home last?

ICF homes are known for their exceptional durability and longevity. When properly constructed by experienced professionals you can expect an ICF home to surpass the lifespan of traditional wood-framed homes. While it is difficult to provide an exact number to the lifespan for any building, including ICF homes, here are some of the main factors that contribute to their long-lasting nature.

Durability of Concrete

The primary structural component inside of an ICF home is reinforced concrete. Concrete is renowned for its durability and ability to withstand the forces of natures as well as the test of time. When properly mixed, poured, and cured, concrete can remain structurally sound for many decades. We use a mid to high PSI concrete mix which also provides higher strength and resistence to the structure.

Resistance to Environmental Factors

ICF homes are highly resistant to various environmental factors that can degrade traditional building materials. The reinforced concrete walls provide excellent protection against rot, decay, pests, and moisture damage. They are also highly resistant to fire, strong winds, and even earthquakes. These features contribute to the longevity of an ICF home, as they reduce the likelihood of any significant damage to your home or business.

Construction and Maintenance

It is important to have an experienced professional when building with ICF. The quality of any construction plays a key role in determining the lifespan of any home, including an ICF home. It is essential to follow industry best practices and local building codes during the construction process to ensure the structural integrity of the ICF walls. We also work closely with architects and engineers to ensure the strenght and durability of the building for many decades based on the current knowledge of steel-reinforced concrete. In addition to proper construction, regular maintenance, such as addressing minor cracks, ensuring proper drainage, and conducting routine inspections, will help to preserve the longevity of the home.


While there is no definitive lifespan for an ICF home, with their robust construction, resistance to environmental factors, and reduced maintenance requirements, ICF homes offer the potential for a long and durable lifespan for many future generations.