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Back in 2007 when my father and I first discovered ICF it was a lot to understand. This innovative product completely disrupted the way we did things, the way we approached a build. It provided all the missing pieces we were looking for- great energy efficiency and lasting durability- but how?

At its core, ICF is simply an insulated form that stays around the cast-in-place concrete system. ICF comes in interlocking sections. Once the sections are in place, concrete is poured and then finishes, like drywall and siding, attached to the ICF. In this way, the ICF replaces traditional wood plank or plywood forms used when pouring concrete. Yet, after finishes are added ICF looks just like a conventional home.

But, the added benefits are astounding. Sound-proofing, energy efficiency and fire resistance are just a few of the benefits of ICF. Building with strength, ICF is the complete solution for most durable and resilient construction methods. But don’t just take our word for it! Follow us on social media platforms @Bluegreenbuildingconcepts to learn more about the benefits of working with our team and ICF.