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Keeping Safe From the Storm in an ICF Home

Keeping Safe From the Storm in an ICF Home

Each year we seem to hear more and more about the tornadoes, nor’easters and hurricanes that wreak havoc on our homes and put ourselves and our families at risk. However, there is a way to ensure that your family stays safe no matter what mother nature has in store. The solution is in building an ICF home or shelter.

How ICF Technology Works

ICF structures are built using concrete forms that come together uniformly. Think of it like blocks of legos on steroids. Not only are the walls stacked and connected at each joint and fixture, but each wall is reinforced with steel and concrete.

This interlocking design creates an airtight envelope around your home providing superior insulation R-value as well as protecting the interior of your home from rain, wind and other debris.

How can ICF protect my home in a storm?

ICF walls are built to withstand hurricane force winds and also block any flying debris that gets carried away in a storm.

But it doesn’t stop there! ICF blocks also come in many thicknesses if you really want to beef up your home security and durability. The standard ICF block core thickness is set between 6-8 inches depending on the manufacturer, but you can get 10 inch thickness and even up to 12 inch core thickness for ultimate protection.

ICF Basement Walls

At the bare minimum you should consider having a safe area in your home where you and your loved ones can find shelter in an unexpected circumstance. That’s why many new homeowners are investing in reinforced 10 foot basement walls as their foundations

Not only do these walls offer an extra liveable space in your home, but you can be sure that they’ll have what it takes to protect you during a storm or even a winter freeze.

The steel rebar sandwiched between multiple layers of foam insulation and poured concrete; this provides an extra level of fortification against extreme conditions while improving sound dampening within the home too!

Final Thoughts

For complete safety make sure your home is equipped with emergency equipment such as flashlights and first aid kits just in case power goes out due to nearby lightning strikes

When it comes to protecting yourself from mother natures’ wrath, there’s no better choice than an ICF home, basement or storm shelter. Its reliability and energy efficiency is just a final sweet touch for a home that is going to last a very long time.